So my summer’s been nice for a while.I barely go out,since I really have no one to hang out with.And I barely take my eyes off the computer. *facepalm*

Anyway,the highlights was wasted in the beginning of vacation,which was a shame because I was really looking forward to a better summer.We went to this resort in my province.I really don’t know how to swim so I couldn’t go to the beach.Besides,the beach was so full of people and trash.I couldn’t walk on the wet sand without saying,”Yucky.”.The swimming pools were fine,and the smaller pool was just below my chest.

Mom said we will go to a resort again,at the last weeks of summer,maybe?She wasn’t sure.

Sorry if I don’t post a lot.Read the post before this,if you want to know the reason.


Sheesh. -_-

Okay,so my life’s getting a bit boring now.And nothing special has happened.So I thought maybe I can post only when something good has happened to me,like winning a contest or going abroad or something.

BTW,it was our Recognition Day today.I guess I was pretty happy,since I got Top 1 and almost got every subject(English,Math,Science,Makabayan[History],and not Filipino[our language]).But I was partly sad because my brother was Rank 4.And he didn’t get any subject.I hate it when my brother get sad.

And here was out Recognition song we sang today:




Book Review:The Hermit Thrush Sings by Susan Butler


Since the comet struck, nothing has been the same in what was once Maine, USA. The people live in nameless numbered villages, forbidden to travel outside where the dangerous mutant birmbas live; their lives are locked to the towns. Only armed guards may travel freely from village to village, accompanied by “choppers” to hack the way through the forest. Food has been scarce since the comet’s crash created poisonous mutant species which overran the landscape, and the storehouses are managed by the Rulers. All mutations are now looked upon as abominations, and any human children with such congenital “defects” are sent at birth to the Institute.Leora is a young girl who has been permitted to remain in her village in spite of an obvious mutation, due to her now dead father’s intervention. She lives a pathetic existence in the house of her stepmother, who has remarried to the town mayor, and whose joint offspring is a nasty little girl named Tanette. When Tanette’s cousin Wilfert, a guardsman, captures a baby birmba and imprisons it in the basement, Leora learns that there is more gift than tragedy in her mutant hand. After she sneaks the birmba back outside to his family, her own escape experience and her mutation provide the catalysts that bring the people of Maynor towards freedom.

While the evident themes of The Hermit Thrush Sings are about freedom, slavery, and calculated misrepresentation, the entire plot and setting revolves around the human interaction with land. Without direct experience of the outside, the villagers are chained even more by indoctrinated fears than by the guards; they cannot successfully rebel until they find out that the birmbas are no danger to them, that the mutant species can feed them, that they can survive outside without the intervention of the Rulers and the guards. The psyche of the villagers is as constrained as the walls of their town; lacking evidence from their own senses, their minds are limited to the dull realities imposed by the Rulers and their proscriptions. The villagers need the land, they need a real relationship with the land, in order for their lives to have meaning. Leora’s mutant, magical hand shows them the way.

Susan Butler has written a thought-provoking first novel, enjoyable by children and adults alike. Her imagery is vivid and alive, her characters are sweetly drawn and engaging, her world-building skills are well developed. Her keen interpretive lens immerses her readers in a richly colored world that holds form long after the last page is closed.


Eep. O_O

I really can’t believe that the Finals exam are already THIS WEEK.Sure,I really wanted this school year to end,but why hurry?Classmates could really use these last days of school to,uh,get along with each other.

There’s good news,though.First,my bullying problems are OVER.This girl,let’s call her “A”,has been bullying me.This A would say mean words to me whenever I look at her.Yep,LOOK at her.Is that a bad thing?And one time,she even attempted to TRIP me.I didn’t fall over,which was the thing she’d expected to happen.Last Friday,she went to the Guidance Office.REVENGE.Haha.Just kidding.

And I got Top 1 in the class for the 3rd Grading Period.AWESMAZING.

That’s for this WEEK.Hope you enjoyed it.


I HATE exams.

I won’t be on in the next few days(like always,though.) and maybe in the next few hours because we have exams tomorrow.I’m supposed to be reviewing right now but I’m really not sweating it.Not bragging but the exams are WAY too easy for me.Got a perfect score yesterday in Home Economics.And Science is too easy that I didn’t have to make a reviewer,which was TWO long bond papers(full).

We’re having Math,Computer and Filipino tomorrow.I’m done here.Bye!


What happened today(and yesterday)

Celebrated Family Day…was it yesterday?Yeah,when it comes to forgetting,I’m a total WINNER.

But anyway,yesterday was pretty good.Won a game(too easy),but I got the WORST prize anyone could ask for.I’d rather swap for a picture frame.We had to leave early after lunch.

Well,today was pretty bad.We actually practiced for Foundation Day from morning to DISMISSAL,which was a bad thing because I ran out of water earlier than I predicted.And what’s worse is that I had to lead the opening prayer for the “Parenting Seminar”.I got really nervous,but I managed to finish that prayer,anyway.

After the seminar came the Card Distribution.I got pretty good grades(not pretty good,VERY GOOD) and I’m sure that I’m on the top spot this time.

That’s pretty much all of it.I’m really sorry for making this blog as my journal.I really have no one to share my experiences with.Thanks for reading!


Saturday classes…

Gosh.I can’t believe that we’re having classes tomorrow.I mean,sure,school is getting a lot better than home because I get to be with my friends and learn something new.BUT SATURDAY CLASSES???AND THERE ARE CLASSES AGAIN ON MONDAY?!?!?!

But I guess tomorrow wouldn’t be so bad.My classmate Ivy said that the advisers are going to announce the Top 10 tomorrow.I don’t know if Ivy’s only fooling with me(like she always does).I’m really looking forward to getting to the top this year.

Here’s a video,anyways:

And here’s a picture(it’s a bit violent but I find it funny):





Good morning,folks!I really loved this song from Jackie Evancho’s Songs from the Silver Screen.Please watch:

Jackie Evancho – My Heart Will Go On

And here’s the picture I promised you last Thursday:



That’s all,folks!G’day!


English week…

^ Okay,so I totally ran out of titles to use.But that doesn’t matter,anyways.

We celebrated English week this…week.We got our English quiz bee done last Tuesday and,guess what?I actually won.I mean,sure,I had some team mates to work with me.So you can say that we won.

We practiced Earthkeeper on Wednesday and Thursday,which was really fun because we had to miss class.I think that’s the best thing that can happen to me.NO CLASSES FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

On Thursday,our teachers made the rest of the class who didn’t join the quiz bee play Vocabulary relay,which was a game that you have to understand the meaning and get the word that’s best for the meaning.Then you have to run to the chairs and show your answer to everybody.The next game was Word relay,a game where you have to find the 8th or 34th or 9th or whatever word on page blah blah blah.I got a little bit nervous about that game because was the one who wrote the pages and the words.I got nervous because if I get one number wrong,I’d be totally dead.

So we did the main event yesterday.The primary did a Movie Song Interpretation and the 2nd graders won,playing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,which was a relief because my brother is in the 2nd grade.We did Earthkeeper next and we fifth graders won.We jumped with joy but when I heard the Photo/Slogan Contest results,it didn’t really make me happy.I never won an award.The third placer’s slogan was ‘Books bring people together.’ while mine was ‘Love and passion for reading at an early age…A good habit parents should inculcate!’.The teachers who picked the winners must be really dumb.And the worse news was:my brother didn’t even get picked to be on the bulletin board.His slogan was ‘Boost your learning through the power of reading.’ while the ones in the bulletin board said ‘Reading is fun.’.Dumb teachers.Dumb teachers everywhere.

So I hope you enjoy reading this one,which is pretty much the longest.Please visit everyday for more stuff like this!