English week…

^ Okay,so I totally ran out of titles to use.But that doesn’t matter,anyways.

We celebrated English week this…week.We got our English quiz bee done last Tuesday and,guess what?I actually won.I mean,sure,I had some team mates to work with me.So you can say that we won.

We practiced Earthkeeper on Wednesday and Thursday,which was really fun because we had to miss class.I think that’s the best thing that can happen to me.NO CLASSES FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

On Thursday,our teachers made the rest of the class who didn’t join the quiz bee play Vocabulary relay,which was a game that you have to understand the meaning and get the word that’s best for the meaning.Then you have to run to the chairs and show your answer to everybody.The next game was Word relay,a game where you have to find the 8th or 34th or 9th or whatever word on page blah blah blah.I got a little bit nervous about that game because was the one who wrote the pages and the words.I got nervous because if I get one number wrong,I’d be totally dead.

So we did the main event yesterday.The primary did a Movie Song Interpretation and the 2nd graders won,playing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,which was a relief because my brother is in the 2nd grade.We did Earthkeeper next and we fifth graders won.We jumped with joy but when I heard the Photo/Slogan Contest results,it didn’t really make me happy.I never won an award.The third placer’s slogan was ‘Books bring people together.’ while mine was ‘Love and passion for reading at an early age…A good habit parents should inculcate!’.The teachers who picked the winners must be really dumb.And the worse news was:my brother didn’t even get picked to be on the bulletin board.His slogan was ‘Boost your learning through the power of reading.’ while the ones in the bulletin board said ‘Reading is fun.’.Dumb teachers.Dumb teachers everywhere.

So I hope you enjoy reading this one,which is pretty much the longest.Please visit everyday for more stuff like this!



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