Eep. O_O

I really can’t believe that the Finals exam are already THIS WEEK.Sure,I really wanted this school year to end,but why hurry?Classmates could really use these last days of school to,uh,get along with each other.

There’s good news,though.First,my bullying problems are OVER.This girl,let’s call her “A”,has been bullying me.This A would say mean words to me whenever I look at her.Yep,LOOK at her.Is that a bad thing?And one time,she even attempted to TRIP me.I didn’t fall over,which was the thing she’d expected to happen.Last Friday,she went to the Guidance Office.REVENGE.Haha.Just kidding.

And I got Top 1 in the class for the 3rd Grading Period.AWESMAZING.

That’s for this WEEK.Hope you enjoyed it.


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