School.School.SCHOOL.How I hate school. T_T

I really can’t go online everyday because of school.I wish I was just homeschooling,like somebody I know.I hate lessons and I hate homework.This post is totally pointless.

But here’s a song I’m totally loving right now(even though the album was released in 2007. T_T).

Emmy Rossum – High

Picture?I didn’t get the time to download.Maybe tomorrow?When I’m less busy. that’s all for now.Thank you for visiting,anyway. 🙂




Hi.So here I am with another pointless post.Here’s a video.

Sierra Boggess-Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Picture?I really have nothing to post.

And it’s our exams next week so I have to do more studies and less computer.


P.S. I wasn’t able to post in the last few days because I have school.I hope you forgive me!


My grandmother just died. T_T Mother didn’t stop crying until now and I had to miss class today.I cried.Our house is so quiet right now.Nobody’s calling,”Nobody is going to help me.”,which is supposed to be my grandma.

I’m sorry but I’m really not in the mood today. T_T


Nothin’ Much

So I have nothing much to tell about my life so I guess I’ll just post another video:

Emmy Rossum – Lullaby


Laying alone with the history that made you cold and uncertain inside.
Careful now, deep breath, the water’s still rising.
But your silver lining’s in sight.

When you feel like you’re breaking down,
And your body’s just giving in,
And you can’t go on broken like this any longer.

Close your eyes
Don’t you cry.
Let the sorrow within you subside.
Don’t despair,
Have no fear,
Give your weight to me when you hear this lullaby

You say all seems so wrong with the life that you’re living
You’re searching for some reasons why.
You’re so scared to trust, you’re feeling unworthy.
Aching for comfort tonight.

When your hearts too sore to beat,
And you feel it might never heal,
And you feel not even beggars want you,
I do


Don’t you cry,
Let the darkness within you feel light,
Don’t despair
Have no fear.
You’ll find comfort in me like a child with this lullaby.
This lullaby.

And here’s another picture:



A Video and A Little Bit of News

Like I said,I’ll post videos and pictures everyday so here’s the first video:

Jackie Evancho’s First Audition on AGT

And here’s a picture:


And maybe next year,I’ll post a some-kind-of-a love story.With adventure in it,though. 😀


P.S. If you want me to feature your costumes and stories,plz. visit the Weekly Features page for audition. 🙂



Videos,Pictures,Stories and more…

It’s getting a bit of boring on this blog so I figured out that I should put some funny pictures and my fave videos everyday.Also,I will post Poptropican series and some other stories I made.Please pardon me because I will post videos mostly about Jackie Evancho.I may do book reviews if the hits are over 70 or something.If I post and post everyday without someone even seeing them,what’s the point? So PLEASE visit everyday so I can update more. -_-



I have no classes today,well,till January 3.So I’m reading the Percy Jackson series all over again and trying to get a few hits(well,as you can see,it’s not even over 30).And to all bloggers and visitors that have Facebook accounts,feel free to add me:

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Birthday Mom

Okay,so it’s my Mom’s 40th birthday,so happy birthday,Mom!I promise that I will be a good daughter to you!

Also,to all peepz who have birthdays this December,happy birthday to you,too!

~A happy,happy birthday from your pal,Rainbow