Poptropica Fashion

Here are the costumes I made on Poptropica.Hope you like them!

Pirate Archer: 


1.Get any simple ponytail from any island.

2.Buy Pirate Captain and get the eye patch,earrings,top and pants.

3.Buy Robin Hood and get the quiver,dagger and bow.

4.Any lips.Southern Belle looks the best.

Hip Girl: 


1.Buy Gamer Girl and get the hair.

2.Go to Lunar Colony and get the boy’s headset and MP3 thingy.

3.Buy Prom Queen and get the front bang.

4.Pop Star lips would do.

5.Buy Biker Girl and get the jacket.

6.Go to Reality TV and get the girl on the roof’s Bucky shirt.

7.Any jeans are perfect.

Zombie Rock Star: 


1.Buy Rock Star 2 and copy the black hair and bangs,purple shirt and purple guitar.

2.Buy Gothic Cheerleader and get the eye bags and purple lips.

3.Buy Rock Star 1 and copy the jacket and belt.

4.Any pants would work.

5.Turn your skin to green.

Dark Pop Star:


1.Buy Biker Girl and copy the hat and the pants.

2.Buy Gothic Cheerleader and get the hair,bangs and lips.

3.Buy Rock Star 1 and copy the jacket.

4.Buy Rock Star 2 and get the purple star belt.

5.Buy Pop Star and copy the microphone.

6.Get a red Tinkerbell dress.

Princess Hunter:


1.Buy Fairy Queen and get the hair with the green earrings and the pink lips.

2.Go to Mythology Island and enter Herc’s Hero Hut.Get the violet woman’s crown.

3.Go to Astro-Knights Island and get the princess’s gown.

4.Buy Robin Hood and copy the dagger,bow and the quiver.

Hot Girl:


1.First,buy the Pop Star and get the bangs(you can use Aphrodite’s bangs,too,if you want.).

2.Next,buy the Mythology Surfer and get the sunglasses(Zeus Edition)(You can use the sunglasses,too from the girl near Aphrodite.)

3.Next,get the pink blouse with a heart on it.

4.Get a pink skirt with a black tights(If you cannot find one,you can use a plain pink skirt.).

5.Get a polka-dot belt.

6.You can use the Vampire 1′s hair or the Barbie ponytail.

7.Add a white pearl necklace.

Movie Star:

1.Go get a short hair with a head band on it(Don’t worry,the head band won’t pop out once we put the bangs.).

2.Next,get the big Lemonade Mouth bangs.You can find these in common rooms.

3.Buy Pop Star and get the smaller bangs with earrings.

4.Any lips would work.I got mine from the orange girl in the Mythology Island beach.

5.Get a yellow or pink (or the pink-and-yellow stripes) top that goes well with a vest.

6.Get a black vest.It’s pretty common in common rooms.

7.Next,get a polka-dotted belt.

8.Go get a black skirt.

9.Last,go to Night Watch Island and enter the mall.Go to the store In The Now(which at in the left wing of the mall) and get the yellow bag from the first dummy.



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